The View from Castle Rock رمان دورنمای کاسل راک

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کتاب رمان دورنمای کاسل راک The View from Castle Rock اثر آلیس مونرو Alice Munro

عنوان: The View from Castle Rock

شرح و توضیحات کتاب رمان The View from Castle Rock (دورنمای کاسل راک) اثر آلیس مونرو:

Alice Munro mines her rich family background, melding it with her own experiences and the transforming power of her brilliant imagination, to create perhaps her most powerful and personal collection yet. A young boy, taken to Edinburghs Castle Rock to look across the sea to America, catches a glimpse of his fathers dream. Scottish immigrants experience love and loss on a journey that leads them to rural Ontario. Wives, mothers, fathers, and children move through uncertainty, ambivalence, and contemplation in these stories of hopes, adversity, and wonder. The View from Castle Rock reveals what is most essential in Munros art: her compassionate understanding of ordinary lives

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