‪ielts 5 practice tests academic set 1

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‪ielts 5 practice tests academic set 1

‪ielts 5 practice tests academic set 1

*Updated in 2020 to reflect recent changes in the IELTS test*. Academic Set 1 from ‘High Scorer’s Choice’ series contains 5 full length IELTS practice tests (no. 1-5) and is a must-have study tool to achieve a high band score in IELTS. These tests feel as authentic as the real IELTS papers, and doing them at home is a great way to estimate your real IELTS score. Being a demanding test, IELTS requires a thorough preparation and these tests will help you master exam strategies, polish your techniques and raise your confidence. •5 full-length Academic IELTS practice tests with answers•Listening recordings (downloadable mp3) with transcripts, locations of answers in sentences are underlined•Sample speaking test recordings (downloadable mp3) with examiner’s report on every student’s performance and an approximate Band score•Reading Answer Help chapter shows why correct answers are the right ones and where they are located in the passages•All writing tasks have model answers provided

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