Deutsch uben Band 16 Verbformen

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Deutsch uben Band 16 Verbformen

This exercise book trains the formation and use of verb forms such as past tense, subjunctive, passive, and future tense in spoken and written language. It offers 70 exercises in two levels of difficulty (up to level B1 and above level B2), which are also structured and vocabulary exercises. 83 verb tables as conjugation patterns for around 3,000 verbs as well as a visually appealing verb grammar and alphabetical verb register help the learner to look up and learn the different verb forms. An exercise book for the basic, middle and advanced level for learners of German as a foreign language as well as native speakers.

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Sabine Dinsel, Susanne Geiger


Hueber Verlag



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Deutsch uben Band 16 Verbformen
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