Get Ready for… Starters Students Book

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Get Ready for… Starters Students Book

The Get ready for… Student’s Book is packed full of engaging and fun activities to help students achieve success in the CYLET examinations.

Featured in the Student’s Book are exam style practice questions and mock tests, so that learners know what to expect and can sit the test with confidence.There is also a wide variety of activity types, including speaking activities, puzzles, and labelling activities, which keep children interested and engaged.

Along with the Student’s Book, the pack features an access code to download the course audio content.

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  • ISBN-10 : 0194003264
  • Peso del producto : 12.8 onzas
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0194003261
  • Editorial : Oxford University Press (1 Enero 2013)
  • Idioma: : Inglés

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Get Ready for... Starters Students Book
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