Potato Pals 1 Book Set کتاب سیب زمینی

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کتاب سیب زمینی 1

کتاب Potato Pals 1

This exciting series of readers teaches everyday language in a way that is fun, simple, and successful. It is ideal for young students.
Each of these colorful books introduces a stem phrase on the left-hand page, while the right-hand page completes the everyday sentence or phrase. Each spread builds upon the previous page, reviewing the language with a picture cue. By the end of the book, the students have learned eight sentences and can repeat each sentence by using the pictures as cues.
Each reader features a list of vocabulary words that can be taught along with the sentences. The audio CD contains a reading of each story, listen-and-point activities, and songs.

کتاب Potato Pals 1

Patrick Jackson spent a year in Japan where he began teaching children and creating EFL materials. It was at this time that he met illustrator Rie Kimura and started working on the books which were to develop into Potato Pals. Rie Kimura has been fascinated by picture books all her life and
drawing has always been her hobby. Having worked in a children’s English conversation school for many years, she now illustrates full-time

User comments

These books are great for small children, especially those who are trying to learn English.
Amazon’s service was also excellent – quick, careful delivery. The price was also very reasonable
because this product is somewhat old and often difficult to even find.

I’ve used Potato Pals 1 and 2 at my English school for about 5 years now. The books are a wonderful resource to have in class.

The stories can be read as is or shortened according to the level of the students I am working with.

The artwork is very child friendly and holds the attention of even the most restless kids.

There is also a Potato Pals dance that goes with the theme song that my 4, 5 and 6 year old students love to do. I think there is a video of the dance on Patrick’s blog. If not ask him to post one and I am sure he will oblige.

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ISBN-13 : 978-0194391740
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Editorial : Oxford University Press; Pck edición (25 Noviembre 2004)
Idioma: : Inglés

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