PTE ACADEMIC EXPERT B1 + CD پی تی ای اکسپرت (سیاه و سفید)

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کتاب PTE ACADEMIC EXPERT B1 پی تی ای اکسپرت


: The PTE Academic EXPERT Coursebook for B1 supports students by giving them

Step-by-step approach to speaking and writing *

High-level and tasks to prepare students for the exam from the start *

Strategies for approaching the exam task types *

Vocabulary sections based on the Academic Collocations and Word lists ACL and AWL *

MY ENGLISH LAB – Extensive additional interactive training that enables students to consolidate and enrich their *language and practise exam skills

About the series

British English • 2 Levels • CEF B1 – B2 • B1 scores 36–50; B2 scores 51–67

The successful Expert series now with two new levels: PTE Academic is ideal for students preparing to study in institutions where English is the principal language of instruction.

Expert PTE Academic provides a step-by-step approach to speaking and writing, combined with high-level texts and tasks prepares students for the exam right from the start.

Get lots of in-depth online extra exam training plus a complete practice test for this leading computer-based academic English language test via the My English Lab.

Complete with automatic grading, this online learning tool allows students to track progress and helps teachers identify and focus on individual and class strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers will also love the digital e Text Active Teach which includes the coursebook in interactive format, plus test masters, games, and reference sections. Available on
disc or online for easy access

Table of contents PTE ACADEMIC EXPERT B1

A good influence *

 More than a feeling *

 Wild world *

 The global village *

Sensational *

 City intelligence *

 The future of food *

8. Being human *

 Winning counts! *

 Let’s talk *

کتاب PTE ACADEMIC EXPERT B1 پی تی ای اکسپرت

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

(77 – 93 minutes)

  • Personal introduction
  • Read aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe image
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answer short question
  • Summarize written text
  • Essay (20 mins)


Part 2: Reading
(32 – 40 minutes)

  • Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice, choose multiple answers
  • Re-order paragraphs
  • Reading: Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice, choose single answer


Part 3: Listening
(45 – 57 minutes)

  • Summarize spoken text
  • Multiple choice, choose multiple answer
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Multiple choice, choose single answer
  • Select missing word
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Write from dictation


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