ubungsgrammatik fur die Mittelstufe Niveau C1 dartmann

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ubungsgrammatik fur die Mittelstufe Niveau C1 dartmann

ubungsgrammatik fur die Mittelstufe Niveau C1 dartmann

Blurb to “Exercise Grammar for the Intermediate Level: Rules, Lists, Exercises (Adm.)”

Meaningful addition: short and to the point, exercise
grammar for the basic level, exercises to the vocabulary of the German literary language For the teacher: About grammar. Exercise grammar for the intermediate level Extended version (Second, corrected edition)
Everything that applies to the short version of the Middle School Exercise Grammar also applies to the new, completely revised and expanded version. Since this was created in contrast to the short version only after the exercise grammar for the basic level, were treated there elementary phenomena of German grammar not resumed. This significantly increased the size of the vocabulary as well as the difficulty level of the exercise sentences. The number of short texts has been increased. Some of them are thematically going beyond the field of everyday experience.
Both versions are governed by the rules of the Valencian grammar, but where compromises have been made with the traditional grammar in the short version, the extended grammatical grammar is based on the valence grammar system, which makes it even more coherent.
An important extension concerns the whole range of information. The arrangement was maintained according to semantic criteria. But until now the exercises only included the transformation of nominal data into subordinate clauses and vice versa, new syntactic and lexical possibilities are presented in the revision. Temporal, causal etc. relationships are realized linguistically – a small step in the direction of content or text grammar.
At the end, a chapter with short texts is offered in which everything learned up to that point can be checked and tested again. Learners who have successfully completed these exercises should no longer have any difficulty with the DSH or the Assessment Exam and should be well prepared for any linguistic hurdles in the study program.

Notes for users

1 Word types2 Phrase elements
4 Information
5 Advanced Subordinate Clauses
6 Attributes
7 Subjunctive II
8 Subjunctive I
9 Modal Verbs
10 Passive
11 Nominalization
12 Rejection of Nouns
13 Verbal Conjunctions
14 Negation with Not (Positional Rules)
15 Infinitive
16 Participant Concepts
17 It
18 Summary Exercises
19 Definitions


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Helmut Röller Erhard G Heilmann Friedrich Clamer


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